About the author -
Dirma Janse

A 2011 Graphic Design graduate, I created many a data and process visualisation, infographic and illustration. I am employed by such companies as Dutch newspaper NRC, Deltares and Delft University of Technology. Driven by an innate interest in science, my work shifted gradually to more research-related topics, such as sustainable farming and computational science.

In 2018 I organised a workshop for Erasmus University on how to design a scientific poster, including how to visualise research. My interest in this topic sparked when I saw the students struggle to transform their research into a visually comprehensible overview. The idea for a Science Poster Design Guide was born.



Since 2019, in collabboration with Joost Bakker, Martijn van Overbruggen and Maarten van der Sanden I'm teaching a master course on science visualisation - called Science Vision -  at TU Delft University. 

I genuinely believe this guide offers practical help to students and scientists who strive to convey complex information in a visually appealing way.

Have you got any questions? Feel free to contact me at any time!