Example project - Step 4

Create the title for your poster

For the example poster project the concept title is:

‘Genome-wide association study (GWAS) of cerebellar volume’

Explanation of this title for laymen:
The GWAS studies the genetic component (88%) of the size of the cerebellum.

The concept subtitle is:

‘highlights the importance of astrocytic glycogenesis’ 

Explanation of this subtitle for laymen:
Astrocytic glycogenesis is a process in the brain.

This title is quite descriptive and tells in a clear way what the research is about. The subtitle gives extra information. Both titles contain jargon and are therefore less suitable for laymen. But since the target audience consists of specialists, this is ok. If the audience would be laymen or scientists not involved in this area of science, a more accessible title would be needed. 

Later in the process, during the design phase the subtitle changed. This was due to the developing research: new data and therefore new findings.  The new subtitle is: ‘highlights the importance of IGF signalling and early development’.  ‘IGF-signalling’ is a process known by the attendees of the congress where the poster of Elleke will be shown. For the people that don’t know what ‘IGF-signalling’ is, a short explanation: ‘Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) is a peptide that is present in all cell types in many brain regions during development, but way less in the adult brain. IGF can send its signal through a receptor, which induces a cascade of events inside the cell.*