Example project - Step 7

Present your data

Poster (Blank Canvas Method)

The poster project contains a large data visualization and some smaller charts. The large data visualization here below is made with the R tool CMplot. The Manhattan plot was a PDF-file, that unfortunately was too large to open in Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator is not very suitable for PDF's). After a lot of trying and waiting for the file to open and load (and get stuck) in Illustrator, I decided it would be quicker to trace the plot manually. After tracing I heard it could be done a lot easier and quicker: blog.revolutionanalytics.com/2011/07/r-svg-graphics.html. Here below you will find the original PDf-version and the traced Illustrator result:

The smaller charts (SVG-files) are made with the R package ggplot. They were edited in Adobe Illustrator. Here below you will find the original version and the def version for each chart. Unfortunately, due to Illustrator/SVG some of the original SVG-charts are not shown correctly.