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A hands-on, 8-step approach towards a professional science poster

Would you like to develop a scientific poster that effectively conveys your research results? One that looks skilful, but didn’t take forever to design? Then use this practical science poster design guide to make a professional presentation.


This guide will explain how to design a research poster that: 

  • Looks appealing and invites people to read
  • Creates a comprehensible overview of your research and outcomes

Does this sound familiar?


Many of these quotes come from the clients I worked with. Apt researchers who struggled to create a scientific poster that could be read at a glance and convey the essentials. Similarly, during my workshops, I saw students strive to prioritise outcomes, structure data and translate their research into a visually comprehensible overview.  

Unfortunately, not all scientists and students are in a position to outsource the creation of their research posters. Or to attend my workshops. For those who wish to learn how to design a research poster, I created this complete science poster design guide.


The Science Poster Design
Guide to the rescue!

In this guide, I present 8 steps towards the creation of professional posters that do the trick – whether you wish to inform or persuade your audience. 

The 7-step approach:


Ask questions and prepare your content –
What is your science poster about?


Define your target audience –
Who is going to see and read your poster?


Make a coherent story - 
What story do you want to tell?


Come up with a title –
The textual part of a science poster


Make your poster sketch –
From generating ideas to making a sketch


Practical design tips –
From creating a colour palette to ‘Tools of the Trade’


Present your data -
Let your data visualization convey the right message


Make your poster printer ready –
Sending the right design to the printer

This is what’s included

A step-by-step explanation

Don’t know how to start? Don’t worry! This guide will tell you exactly how to go from uncluttering the details to creating a sound scientific poster. The 8 steps are easy to implement and I added an example for further context. Easy does it!

Science poster design tips and templates

You will learn which free and paid tools to use. You will also receive practical science poster design tips and ready-to-use science poster templates. In short, if you lack time or inspiration, this guide will speed up the poster creating process!

Hand-on and practical guidelines

Agreed, your scientific poster should look professional, but it doesn’t need to win a prize for its design. Therefore, the tips in the book are pragmatic and easy to apply. You don’t need to be an Illustrator expert to convey your research message!

And many more things...
  • Where to find great fonts

  • Which colours work best?

  • What about backgrounds

  • How to sketch a design?

  • Advice on printing matters

  • Lots (I mean: lot’s!) of inspiration

'Everything should be made
simple as possible,
but not simpler.'

- Albert Einstein